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Bwired Changes ATL Wednesday‘s To ALT Thursday’s At Flip Bar

It’s been three weeks now that Ghanaian music sensation Trigmatic announced the inception of the whole new music policy of ALTERNATIVE with a bit of homegrown vibe.

The Ghanaian sound has evolved so much that many other genres have been born out of it. For some time now, we seen a new crop of young talented musicians who have not followed the status quo yet have been able to weave together beautiful melodies that has brought them fame and income. One of such is the Asakaa sound and culture from Kumasi which has introduced artiste like O’kenneth, jaybahd Yaw Tog only to mention but a few.

There are a new crop of artiste who have mastered the act of merging our sound with all kinds of musical influences. What these acts often lack is a platform where they could be discovered or simply a safe haven where their music will be well appreciated. Some musicians have found the need to create platforms for talents and this has produced most of our champions who are now taking over territories. As a way of contributing to the music industry, our own Trigmatic who is a product of such events upon which he’s leaped to win multiple awards and mounted many stages both home and abroad has decided to join hands with Flip Bar to give such talents the platform to showcase their gifts. It’s going to be on this and every other Thursday unlike it was previously done on Wednesday. Musicians who are ‘crazy’ and ready to try their hands on new music and also experiment with new sounds as well as perform live!

Show begins at exactly 8pm and the music policy is ALTERNATIVE with a bit of homegrown vibe as Bwired is known to be the organizers of this whole new vibe.

So anytime you travel to Ghana, and you need a spot for alternative music and some spoken word, drive through the oxford street and locate us next to Jinlet Pharmacy. We will serve you with all kinds of mind-blowing musical experiences and great food as well. Flip bar is a spot for you and your friends. We have created this spot for your relaxation and enjoyment.

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