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Veteran Actor Kohwe Confirmed Dead

  Kofi Laing, popularly known as Kohwe, a veteran Ghanaian actor, has died. Comfort Laing, his daughter, confirmed the news of his death. Comfort Laing revealed to ghanaweekend.com that her father died on the evening of Thursday,  September 16, 2021, at his home in Accra. Kohwe is thought to have died at the age of 75. Not long ago, it was reported that he had suffered a stroke and was being treated at a hospital.     Kohwe is well – known for his roles in the Akan Drama series as well as the popular ‘District Colonial Court.’

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Press Release: National President To RNAP And RNAC 2019/2020 Batch

  The Registered Nurse Assistant Preventive and Registered Nurse Assistant Clinical attention about the circulating video of Deputy finance minister stating emphatically that 2019 nurses and midwives has be cleared, it’s believed that our Hon. Minister meant ” the said clearance he stated was for the 2019 rotational allowance”. But …

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Prophet T.B Joshua Finally Laid To Rest

  Prophet Temitope Balogun Joshua, often known as Pastor TB Joshua, was the founder and head ofthe Synagogue Church of All Nations has finally been laid to rest.   The popular preacher died last month with a few days to celebrate his 58th birthday. His funeral was preceded by a number of festivities intended to commemorate his life before eventually saying goodbye to him. The world-famous pastor was put to rest in an unique spot on his church grounds. Check out the images below:

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Bill Cosby Freed as Court Overturns His Sex Assault Conviction

  The Pennsylvania Supreme Court on Wednesday overturned Bill Cosby’s sex assault conviction, setting the stage for the release of the 83-year-old comedian later in the day. The state’s highest court tossed Cosby’s conviction as a result of an agreement he had with a prior prosecutor that would have prevented …

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Blue Ivy Reaches $500M Net Worth As The Richest Kid In USA

  The 9-year-old singer, who is also the second youngest person to win a Grammy, has a net worth of $500 million, making her the richest child in America. This is unlike any other child of a millionaire entrepreneur in the United States.   With a net worth of $500 million, Blue Ivy Carter is the wealthiest child in America.   Without a question, the young singer is wealthy, but many people are surprised to learn that she  is now the wealthiest child in the United States. In reality, Blue Ivy Carter was born into a family of millionaires, thus her net worth is enormous even at such a young age. According to recent rumors, Blue Ivy’s net worth has surpassed $500 million as a result of her  celebrity as the first child of Jay Z and Beyonce. She could make a lot of money doing ads or music on her own. Blue Ivy won her first Grammy  awards earlier this year when she sang the song “Brown Skin Girl” alongside her famous mother. However, that isn’t the primary source of Blue Ivy’s huge financial wealth at the age of nine.  Her father, Jay Z, is a great musician and businessman who understands how to grow the  investment of his billion-dollar family enterprise to boost Blue Ivy’s possessions. It’s important to understand that net worth and net income are not the same thing.  The total of your assets minus your obligations is your net worth, whereas your net income is the amount you may make over a period of time. Blue Ivy received a massive net fortune as the first child of two billionaires without accomplishing anything. Having said that, it is her hard work that will help her get renown and increase her  wealth in the future. Blue Ivy’s net worth is 25 times that of Bill Gates’ daughter. There are many other notable  offspring of billionaires on the list of American richest kids. At the age of 25, Jennifer Katherine  Gates, the first child of Bill and Melinda Gates, has a sizable net worth. In 2021, her net worth is  predicted to be $20 million. …

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Cristiano Ronaldo Becomes The First Person With 300 Million Instagram Followers

  Cristiano Ronaldo is currently the only guy in the planet with 300 million Instagram followers. As a result, the Portuguese have become one of the most popular people in the globe. He has a staggering amount of followers across major social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, and  Instagram). Cristiano Ronaldo now has 92.3 million Twitter followers, 148 million Facebook followers, and 300 million Instagram followers. Cristiano Ronaldo has a more desirable personality off the field than Lionel Messi, according to the statistics. To put things in perspective, Cristiano Ronaldo has more Instagram followers than the whole 20-team Premier League. He is well-known virtually everywhere on the planet, which is incredible. He was also the first individual to surpass 200 million Instagram followers. This comes only days after he broke Michel Platini’s record for most EURO goals by scoring his  tenth and eleventh finals goals. The 36-year old is now three goals away from equaling Iranian Ali Daei’s 109-goal international scoring record.

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