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Get Acquainted With Martin Toloku; A Ghanaian Multidisciplinary Artist


Martin Toloku is Ghanaian multidisciplinary artist born 1992 in Adidome the Volta region of Ghana.

He graduated in 2013 from Sogakofe Senior High School, ( SOGASCO ), where he studied visual art majoring in ceramics and later took an apprenticeship in sculpture with a traditional carver.

Martin Toloku’s practice evolved over the years from carving to installation, video work, studio practice, live performances and collaboration with both humans and animals (usually termites). He is fascinated about the materiality of ‘process of decay’, death, life, time, space and nature with its inhabitants. Collecting dead and rotten wood from rivers, streams, sea, lakes, forests and his environment Toloku attempts to recreate conceptual and performative compositions of both life and death into daily experiences.  However, he seeks to experiment and inquire into decay as metaphor while in his performances emotionally and spiritually challenging the audience in facing their own sense of mortality.

Toloku has featured in several exhibitions and have participated in international artists residencies such as TERRITOIRE DE CRÉATION 5ieme édition (2015 Lome Togo), perfocraZe International Artist residency (2019 Kumasi, Ghana), Ghana Must Go Forward (2018 art workshop supported by Nubuke Foundation, Basecamp Initiative and British council). He also participated in Chale wote street art festival Jamestown Accra, 2017 to 2019 and several group exhibitions including, “tomorrow” in Alliance Française Accra, “ADeakyeabia – Enubueke”, the Alliance Française Kumasi organised by pIAR and “CONSTERNATION” at Nkabom literary art festival 2019.

Toloku is currently working on a new project titled DECAY.



Decay is my ongoing project title which is a continuous process rather  than a fixed motion, an investigation and research into the history behind dead and rotten woods and other objects as they become consumed by their environment, an archival of obscured moments.

I become fascinated about the deteriorating and the materiality as processes behind this mystery. Collaborating with living organisms specifically termites, a studio ritual performed to confront the complexity of our shared environment with other living creatures.

I am very curious about trapped memories and histories hidden in objects which are raw reflections of the environment, an evidence of time, space and history. Searching for my own language and definition of death and life from our human encounters with space both physical and spiritual through my queries on this subject matter.

Allowing my concept to guide me through an anthropological investigation employing varied forms of art which in performance I employed myself as a material object. To confront and challenge the mortality of all living beings and my own death phobia as childhood experience.



Name: Martin Toloku


+233 200 699 419 / +233 545 707 473

Multidisciplinary Artist

Date of Birth: 25th July, 1992

Place of Birth: Adidome, Volta Region

Nationality: Ghanaian

crazinisT artisT studiO

10A/G Aprade

P. O. Box UP 1935

Kumasi, Ghana



2009-2013 Sogakope Senior High School (Visual Art) (Sogakope)

2007-2009-Akatsi No. 1 Junior High School (Graphic Design) . (Akatsi)



2015 to date – Working as Artist Assistant at  crazinisT artisT studiO

2014- Own an Art and Craft Shop at Sogakope

2014- Environmental Artwork at Villa Cisneros Resort Centre, Sogakope

2013-2014- Environmental Art Work at Hotel Vilcabamba. Denu

2013 – Environmental ArtWork at Sogakope Senior High School Sogakope

2019 to Date – Project manager at perfocraZe International Artist Residency (pIAR) Kumasi



2018-Anisthetics, Lashibi Highway

2017-Time to tell, Junction Mall at Nungua Barrier,

2016-Dekay, Exhibition at District Assembly Conference Hall, Sogakope



2019 – So Urgent oo0 group exhibition , Kumasi

2018 – Chale Wote Street Art Festival, Para Other . Accra Jamestown

2017- Chale Wote Street Art Festival at Jamestown, Accra.

2015 – Site specific installations and community base project

2015 -Territoire de Creation, art residency at Lome, Togo

2013 -National Farmers Day at Sogakope, Volta Region

2012 -SOGASCO @ 50, Sogakope Senior High School, Sogakope




– a SUMMONED to CIRCUM, Usher Fort Accra

– MINYAGBETE ( Let Keep Wake),Top High opposite Ghanamy Kumasi

– My CONFINED HALLUCINATION, crazinisT  artisT studiO, Odoum

– INMATES, a collaboration between Ibukun Sunday live streams on virtual platforms.

– The MIRAGE of TOMORROW, live on zoom hosted by Hexxyduxxybox India.

– When the Bats go to Accra, co-ordinated by Lilly Pfalzer Kejetia Market Kumasi.

– The World Between, a collaboration with Léllé Demertzi at Nubuke Foundation Accra


– CONSTERNATION , Nkabom literary Festival , Jamestown beach Accra

– a GAze of tiME , at James Fort prison Jamestown Accra. Chale Wote street art festival

– AGBEm) { Life path }, at Alliance Française Kumasi.

– AGBEku ( life death ) series 3 , at crazinisT artisT studiO Kumasi.

– AGBEku ( life death ) series 2, Alliance Française Accra

– AGBEku ( life death ) , crazinisT artisT studiO



2020 – Kampala Art Biennale ( KAB20 )

2019 – PerfocraZe International Artist Residency – pIAR ,Kumasi Ghana

2015 – Territoire de Creation, art residency at Lome, Togo



2020 – World University of Design ( WUD), Without Borders!

2019 – Virtual Reality workshop at Alliance Française Accra.

2019 –  Jobs for the Youth ,boot camp supported by British council and Giz

2018 – Ghana Must Go: Forward , Three month Co-working space. Funder  British Council , Nubuke Foundation and Basecamp Initiative





Furniture (sculpture and joinery)

Carpentry and construction

Social Meadia And Bookings

Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/martin.toloku
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/martintoloku/
Contact for bookings : +233 200 699 419 / +233 545 707 473
Email: martintoloku@gmail.com
Website: https://tolokuart.jimdofree.com/

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