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‘Ronnie Is Everywhere,’ Successfully Undergoes Lipoma Surgery


Blogger, Ronnie is Everywhere known in real life as Aaron  Afful has undergone surgery in South Africa to remove the Lipoma cyst on his forehead.

Speaking to Ameyaw Debrah on the  Excision Lipoma, the blogger,  “I’ve always wanted to do but not in Ghana. If you quiet remember when I took a trip to Europe last year I took a pic at the hospital where I intended to do it while I was in Germany but unfortunately I just had 2 days left to come back to Ghana and so I couldn’t do it. So when I had another travelling opportunity I decided to finally do it.”

Ronnie who is currently touring South Africa with D-Black and the BAM family, explained further:

“It took the help of some doctors here who had noticed I loved wearing hoodies when they visited D-black in Ghana and we went to Maha beach resort with them. Little did I know they were South Africans. So when we got here they’ve been with us  for a couple of days and then the proposal came through that they wanted to perform a surgery for me and that I shouldn’t worry about the cost.  Wow that was some piece of great news. So they scheduled a date and viola it was done on Wednesday and it was very successful.”

He continues: “The surgery was very very successful and I’m recovering very fast as well.  I feel okay though I’m experiencing a little bit of Pain but I was given some antibiotics  and painkillers to take.

According to Ronnie he owes a special gratitude to Doctors Dr. Addy and Shloom who took care of  his medical bills and performed the surgery as well for him for  free.


Source: AmeyawDebrah.com

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